RADA meets Fringe

murder for two

Two actors and THIRTEEN characters – what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing. The two leads are spellbinding in every role. Okay, so RADA grad Jeremy Legat plays the 13 suspects conveniently showcasing the true talent training that RADA gives you. However Ed McArthur is just as convincing. They both portray different ways of getting into the industry and have conjoined to produce something spectacular.

First show cased in Broadway, Murder for Two has glided across the pond ready to entertain our nation. I’d say it’s the ‘Play that goes wrong’ sort of humour meets Agatha Christie, only twice as sophisticated.

Yes there are songs, but if you enjoyed La La Land then this is no different. Both are incredibly skilled on the piano – and the improvisation is energetic and uncalled for but most of all the occasional slips emphasise the authenticity of the play. Both actors are brilliant at playing with the audience. Every night is unique according to the stewards!

Both actors are charming in spirit and in voice. Their resumes are very different but their similarity lies in their love for music, specifically the piano. Imagine a two hour show with incredible jazz numbers with actors singing and playing with no need for any backing. As many will say – four hands are better than two.

Sadly, sitting amongst the older generations at the Watermill Theatre is no longer an option as it is now beginning its tour before being rightfully placed on the iconic West End for a run! Starting in London at The Other Palace this really isn’t one to miss.

Scene It Tip 1: Enjoy the music – it is not often a soon-to-be West End musical consists of two actors!

Scene It Tip 2: Look out for more Fringe inspired actors. Yes the Drama schools will always remain prestigious but it is great to see other routes into stardom!

Scene It Tip 3: Check out the Watermill Theatre in Newbury, for local and touring companies. It is a major pre West-End talent hub!

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