Sex With Strangers


When has anyone ever been afraid of hard pecs, sex and strangers?

Yes, Theo James!  You did provide the audience with plenty more reasons to love you. As if the shirtless scenes in Divergent weren’t enough already- prepare yourself for a comedy filled with heated arguments, twists and most importantly SEX. (not really).  Oh, and a huge… bonus is the fact that Bristol Old Vic grad Theo really delivers the goods. Forever captivating the audience with his endearing yet comical portrayal of Ethan a famous internet blogger; it was difficult not to be entirely on his side.

In other words… Not just a pretty face.

Sex With Strangers is a cheeky yet realistic portrayal of a relationship that obviously began with them being merely strangers. Cast your eyes to the two protagonists that are both talented in their own right and carry loaded CVs that help convince us they were worth the 36 pounds.

Be prepared to sit down and need a little time to warm up to the actors. In particular it was a little challenging to succumb to Emilia’s portrayal of Olivia. Needless to say once you got past the slightly odd take on an American accent she was intelligent, fearless and I truly believed Olivia’s struggle in every way. This show really captures the struggles modern couples can face with the internet making everything public.

Together the cast create humorous sexual tension from about 5 minutes into the show which is riveting and therefore extremely hard to ignore. Allow yourself to become immersed in the naturalistic set that’s been furnished with things that my apartment could never own and enjoy how comfortable the actors appear in the space.

Overall it was a pleasure from start to finish. Perfectly advertises the quality of acting in the London scene.  If you have the chance to grab a last minute ticket this week. Go go go!

Scene it Tip 1: Watch out for the chemistry between the 2 actors. Whether or not you truly believe the lust it was interesting to see how these actors dealt with the age difference.

Scene it Tip 2: Think about how far can you relate to the characters? Personally I love shows and performances that are brutally honest so that we walk out beginning to reflect on our own lives.

Scene it Tip 3:  Check out the Hampstead Theatre-They always have quirky, Off- West End Shows.